Wix Review – A Website Builder Review by an UBC Student

In 2020, users around the world have a huge number of opportunities to create a unique site on a variety of platforms. And Wix is one of them. This platform appeared more than 10 years ago and today its popularity is simply not in doubt. If we talk about me, I prefer not to judge the product superficially. It is important for me to try the platform in the work, the only way I can give an objective assessment. It so happened that some time ago I decided to make one internet project and for its implementation I needed a platform based on drag and drop designer. Wix suited my requirements and I decided to test it. As a result, today I can identify the advantages and disadvantages of this platform as accurately as possible.

Before I begin my detailed review of the pros and cons of the Wix editor, let’s focus on the general information that relates to building websites.

Nowadays, technology is at a high level of development and the consumer can choose among thousands of possible options and designers. A very wide range of tools for creating sites includes both full, total customer support, when the platform actually performs all the functions of the site owner. The diametrically opposite side is when the platform for creating websites is maximally removed from any interference in its product and the user performs everything with his own hands. People choose one of these options, as well as intermediate options that are closest to their individual skills and capabilities.

Although, by and large, to make a website user will only need a text editor to work in HTML.

Creating a website is a special process that is important both for business and for the development of the user’s personal resource. To do it right, you should not focus on some general trends and over-hyped scheme. The main thing is that the user should rely on the functionality and expediency of the product. The site can’t be good or bad. It may or may not be suitable for you. It all depends on your specific goals, I repeat.

What does the Wix editor look like?

When we talk about Wix designer, the first thing that comes to mind is its limitless spaces for all kinds of solutions. The user receives full freedom of action from the platform in these conditions. A person can choose tools, elements, representations and combinations according to his desires. But remember that all of these resources and tools are owned by Wix. You will never feel like a full owner of your website.

Using the Wix platform you control only a part of its functionality on the site, the rest is under the full control of the developers.

If we talk about other platforms that similarly Wix help people to create online products, the most striking competitors in this platform are – Weebly, Squarespace, GoDaddy GoCentral and WordPress. On these resources there is a rule for clients – “everything is concluded”. For comparison, WordPress offers customers to create a website on its basis and get free software with subsequent management on individual hosting.

Can you trust Wix?

You may not worry about the security of your website on this platform. It operates according to international standards of confidentiality. The editor is fully legal and operates within the law. The main thing for the creators of this site builder – a reliable reputation. Perhaps the platform has some drawbacks, but this does not apply to its reputation.

Can I use Wix for free?

Yes, the editor has a free plan, according to which the client can use the platform to create his site on the internet, but only if he uses Wix subdomain. The free plan also has a number of limitations in terms of functionality. If the user still wants to use more features for his website, then he will have to choose a premium plan. This is useful when the client wants to implement a short-term project. Also, this version of the plan should be used in order to master the skills of working in the editor.

For those of you who do not want to pay money for the creation of websites, it will be optimal to choose such free options. Next, I’ll tell you all the details about the features of Wix, as well as what this platform offers to its customers.

We begin, I think you would be interested!

Yes, another small clarification – I write real reviews based only on personal experience, and all the companies that will be discussed here, pay me money for this information.

Wix pros for customers

Wix editor is a very famous brand in the modern world of web design and I understand why this happens. While working on this platform, I identified the obvious advantages of this website builder. 

Let’s start with the fact that when this platform only appeared in the world, professional creators of web products treated it very biased. Although customers who preferred to create sites on the principle of do it yourself, immediately appreciated the benefits of this platform. Here everything was very transparent and clear. The interface can be understood even by a novice of software design. At the heart of the creation of sites based on Wix those days lay Flash technology.

Today, Flash is no longer used here, and the platform itself has become much more functional. Special attention developers Wix devoted to the implementation of improved marketing tools, answering the queries of customers small businesses and other independent users.

For those users who value the simplicity and convenience of working in the editor, the Wix platform is ideal. Although, at the same time, professional website designers do not change their opinion about the limitations of this website Builder.

You see, Wix is a platform that firmly occupies the middle segment in the market of website construction services. It can not rise to a higher level, but that does not mean that this editor is bad. It has regular customer that receives Wix products according to his expectations.

How much is Wix costs

If you need a free website, and you are not confused by the fact that its address will belong to the Wix platform, then welcome to this free editor. You will create a platform on the basis of http://yourwebsite.wix.com/yourwebsite . If we talk about paid services, I believe that they are not yet effective enough and are suitable only for short-term purposes of creating Internet products. Free plan allows a new user to make personal website in just a few hours. Here you will not find complex tools and interface – everything is very clear and simple.

Only WiX Platform clients should be aware of how caps files and pages are displayed here. If you need special bonus options, then you can use the paid form builder.

Another undeniable advantage of this platform is a well-developed system of discounts for those customers who cooperate with the platform for a long time. It is also convenient that you first know the final price of the project, without any concealment and additional commission additions. And as soon as you decide what plan will be optimal for you – you will be announced your individual discount.

How the editor works

On the Wix platform everything works very productively and thoughtfully. There are no unnecessary details. Everything has a clear, concise functionality. As soon as you go to the main page of the site, you will see most of its tools and elements. To work on this site you will only need to include your intuition.

All items here are dragged and dropped very easily. You just need to grab some block or symbol on the screen and literally flip it to any position you need. Also, users can get a lot of useful information from the recommendations that the Wix platform offers. Today on the internet you can find a huge number of sites created on this basis.

Page layout, navigation methods, selection of elements and many other options are quite simple here. The configuration of each segment is based on the platform intuitively. Good tool for creating websites is definitely Wix.

The work of your website begins immediately after the arrival of confirmation from the developers to your e-mail. You just have to pass the minimum training and choose your individual design. Also, this platform offers customers a mobile version of its resource.

Site design features

Wix is constantly evolving and getting better. A year ago, there were global transformations to improve many functional parameters of the platform. Of course, the editor still has a lot to grow and develop, but today the design of websites shows quite optimal performance. Although design SquareSpace is definitely more competitive. But, again, in order to work in Wix a person does not need to be a super professional in web design.

In 2018, Wix introduced the world to the modern, “artificial intelligence design”, which frees users from most of the manual work on the design of the website. Thanks to this innovation, the site has become even more effective and attractive.

Users choose this option of site builder, because here you can create any design projects very quickly and easily. The high adaptability to devices and accessibility to browsers of these user-generated projects opens up great opportunities and gives a feeling of complete freedom of action to customers.

This is very important because many Wix customers do not have deep computer skills, as well as time for long-term development and implementation of the website.

Fast and safe operation

When you run your site on this database, keep in mind that it will be hosted on the Wix server. It turns out that you are under the constant protection of professional developers of this company. The system tracks so that your web site worked flawlessly and have not been subjected to attack by various malicious programs. Also, WiX professionals guarantee you fast operation of all your navigation.

I checked the speed, and this is what happened: 

Wix platforms operate with a lot of Javascript, which affects the speed of their work. Sometimes you have to wait a bit before the next page loads. Not everyone can like it, especially professional developers are not happy with this feature of Wix. But if you are not very demanding in this sense, then you will not be upset.

In my opinion, a very important advantage is the security that is characteristic of this site. Users can sleep peacefully and not care about caching. WiX developers constantly monitor the security level of your website.

Customer support and useful information

If you have become a client of this site, then you should know that at any time you can contact support for a solution to your problem. To do this, you can contact the system managers via mobile phone, knowledge base or by e-ticket. All issues are resolved very quickly.

Does Wix always help its customers quickly and efficiently? I can say from my own experience that Yes. But with one caveat: if your problems do not go beyond the possible abilities of this editor. For example, when I urgently needed to solve the problem associated with connecting to the domain – I quickly received expert support from the Wix platform. But when I had to change the layout of the site, which has already been published – there were delays.

Use this constructor, but do not forget that it is not omnipotent!

The purpose of the sites

Wix allocates its client groups. Among them there are business communities and private users. For each target audience, the platform offers its most favorable conditions. 

If you become a Wix customer, you must choose whether you are a restaurant, a group, an organization, and more. As soon as you enter this data into the system – you will be offered several options for layouts for the website. Thus, the registration process is quick and convenient.

Features Of Wix

I believe that the main feature of this platform is its absolute independence. I will certainly tell you about some of the disadvantages of this designer, but the freedom that Wix has, can not be compared with any other platform. Resource for creating websites works exclusively in the interests of developers of web-based products. Here everything is done openly and publicly.

Unlike many other sites where the development of custom websites – this is one of the areas of the resource. For example, the structure of Google sites that like products are good, but Google just does not care about them. Wix has only one direction – and this is the construction of sites. And it takes care of its sites always.

Disadvantages of work

Now it’s time to go to the opposite side of my review and tell you about the disadvantages of this platform.

If you open the reviews on the Internet, there you will find a lot of negative words about the work of Wix. Why do people write this?

In order to understand whether Wix will suit you or not, pay attention to the following things.

I did some compilation of messages from the users of the Hackernews, and here’s what I eventually made.

A few months ago I needed to quickly make a website for personal purposes, I chose the Wix platform. At first everything went fine. The design software is easy to manage and as a result I have a pretty attractive website.

And then began the most unpleasant things. I constantly climbed on posts from all directions. It was a real nightmare and I was very nervous because these actions prevented me from working. Here there were such difficulties and inconveniences that on another site could be easily corrected. 

Of course, I can note that on this platform the site can be created by people who do not have special education. This is certainly an advantage of this site.

I am sure that the developers could fix all these shortcomings if they made an informed decision to do so. But it seems to me that they are not very concerned about this issue.

Here are the specific drawbacks:

  • The policy of making the cost
    If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan then you will need to pay a minimum of $ 4.08 per month. The better the plan, the more expensive and even more expensive it is than that of more professional competitors such as Squarespace. And the bandwidth is constantly limited on this platform. And each time on each new plan you will need to save new files again. As a result, it turns out that creating your own website with wordpress on personal hosting will be even cheaper than on Wix.
    And if you work on the site for more than a few months, then for reasons unknown to me your paid service will only grow in price.
  • Design flaws
    The design of the site also has some functional drawbacks, which are better to know in advance, so that then there was no disappointment. The grab-and-throw process works well, but sometimes this instant transfer option has some unexpected consequences.
    In order to create a really high-quality product, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Despite the fact that the system offers users a lot of templates, but that they have earned in the right direction requires a significant improvement in the functionality of Wix.
    Yet, the promises given in the advertisement the developers of Wix to its clients, still can be implemented in practice.
  • Scope
    In order to improve its position in the market of website builders, Wix expanded its range of opportunities for users and opened Wix App Market. The idea is good, but when I tested this application, it did not seem really successful to me. 
    Today, the scope of application expansion is constantly increasing and this is good. There is a new application that gathers on its site Wix space participants in the forum format. This is a unique option, which is only here. But this platform still has a lot to grow and develop.
    It would be very cool and optimal if they created an application that can be fully downloaded to the user site. Such applications should operate autonomously, performing only the tasks assigned to them. In the meantime, the iFrame Wix application periodically gives users difficulties in terms of availability.
  • SEO optimization for new websites
    This platform is often underestimated by professional website designers and SEO specialists. This is due to the fact that many people remember the shortcomings of the platform associated with the use of Flash technologies. And these methods of creating an information product are not combined with optimal SEO systems. But things are changing and Wix also continues to evolve. 
    For example, Googlebot, which is good at indexing sites.
    Wix is constantly improving its visibility for search engines. 
    Another point – the SEO market is very ambiguous. What is good for some sites is categorically not suitable for others. And in this regard, there are different problems.
    Need SEO content for a website of a beauty salon are different from the needs of the web site of a large plant for the manufacture of furniture. Wix functionality allows site owners to cope with the main tasks. But for professional use of web pages, this platform is not always suitable.
    I can characterize Wix as a comfortable and simple solution for simple tasks. If you are new to web programming, this editor is perfect for you.
    If you decide to develop new leads by promoting them on your social networks and other resources, then Wix will help you. 
    But if you attach importance to SEO-content of the site for a long-term marketing campaign, then Wix is not suitable for you.
  • Tools and limitations
    I want to draw attention to the technical limitations and the best marketing tools on this platform. They are somehow interconnected with SEO problems. Wix makes sense to consider how to remove these limitations.
    The Wix platform provides users with an optimal level of website functionality with a good set of options and tools. It is great for running small business and private user sites. It has everything you need for an e-Commerce device and much more.
    But in situations where a person needs to, for example, add code to the site, make a diagram of future events, make an event template or add new pixels to the site – all these actions are very difficult to do in Wix.
  • Data transmission
    Users on this platform can manage their content only within the site, but the export of data can not be carried out here. 
    If this is acceptable to you, you can manually copy all the data and transfer it to your new resource. But to leave this platform is not so easy.
  • Ecommerce
    If you have your website on the Wix server and want to start selling, keep in mind that the only tools you can use here are shopping cart and accepting payments. For example, the Shopify platform is much more effective in terms of e-Commerce. 
    Choosing Wix to run an online store is unlikely to bring you a lot of profit. Choose this platform only if you are planning an information resource.

What is Wix?

Wix is an all-in-one website platform, where you can build and host a
website, and even buy additional features like a domain name,
professional logo, traffic analytics, and e-commerce packages. With
easy-to-use templates, drag and drop builder, and one click upgrades,
it’s built to be single service that has everything you need for an
affordable, professional website even if you don’t know anything about

Why Use Wix?

Today, nearly everyone needs a personal website. Wix is specifically
designed for small businesses, artists and professionals, startups and
entrepreneurs, who need a great-looking website, but don’t want to spend
a lot of time learning how to create one, or spend a lot of money
establishing their online presence.

For those who simply want to showcase their portfolio, sell their
product or services, or start a blog or e-commerce business, it’s a
simple solution. Wix allows you to build and host a simple website for
free, so it’s perfect for students and startups.

Wix Features

Website builder

The Wix website builder starts with your choice of over 500
customizable website templates. You can customize your templates with
drag-and-drop simplicity, and add videos, effects, and animations.


Wix has a new Artificial Design Intelligence feature that allows you
to answer some simple questions about your business and your site, and
then automatically builds a custom website just for you. You can then
further customize or add features as needed.

Mobile optimization

Easily switch from web to mobile views and customize your website for mobile platforms


If you want an online store, Wix not only builds your site, but adds
e-commerce features like a shopping cart, secure online payments, and
shipping options. You can use your Wix e-commerce site to sell products
through your website, or through platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Wix Open Development

With the Wix Open Development platform, you can build web
applications with hassle-free coding, including integrated databases and
serverless computing.

Logo Maker

The Wix Logo Maker designs a professional logo for your business in
just a few minutes. Answer some simple questions and the automated
designer creates a unique logo. Customize your logo until it looks the
way you want, then get high-quality images that allow you to use your
logo anywhere.


Wix includes simple SEO features that help your website get found by
search engines, automating meta tags, sitemaps, and URLs and then
getting you indexed on Google in seconds. Simply answer questions and
improve your search engine ranking.

Custom domain

You can get a custom domain and email address quickly and affordably within Wix.

Marketing solutions

For e-commerce sites, Wix offers a host of marketing options
including automated email marketing, automated promotional videos, live
chat, and even coupons and discounts.

Support and help

Wix has great support, both in terms of inline help for tools and
options as you use them, and with a comprehensive online support center.

Wix Review

If you can comfortably use office software like MS PowerPoint or edit
photos in Instagram, you have all the skills you need to create a
website on Wix. Many of the automated features work with a simple click
of the options and features you want, or by answering questions about
your site.

You can customize by dragging-and-dropping, resizing, or choosing
options from menus. Wix tools know the features and options that search
engines and visitors want most, and will guide you toward making a great
looking website and promoting your business online.

Wix is not a great tool for changing an existing website. Once you
have built a site in Wix, you cannot apply a new template; you have to
start over with a new template. You can’t use more than one template per
site (for example, if you want one template for your business pages and
another for your e-commerce or blog pages).

It’s not easy to migrate to Wix from another platform like WordPress.
It’s not easy to build complex sites, since you are only allowed one
subdomain. For those who are experienced coders, accustomed to having a
lot of precise back-end control of a site, Wix tools can be limiting and
frustrating. It is so highly automated that it can be difficult to get
into the code and adjust it to your needs and preferences.

Wix Pros

  • Comprehensive site building, hosting, and marketing tools
  • Simple and easy to use, with drag-and-drop creation and customization options
  • Affordable, with prices that start at free, with a wide range of pricing packages

Wix Cons

  • Difficult or impossible to change templates on an existing Wix site without starting over
  • Difficult or impossible to migrate to or from the Wix platform if you want to change your hosting
  • Difficult or impossible to build large, complex sites with subdomains, multiple templates, multiple databases, etc.
  • Free pricing package does not include your own domain, and places advertising on your site

Wix Bottom Line

Wix once had a poor reputation among web professionals, because it
was based on Flash and lacked a lot of advanced features and options. It
was easy to use for consumers, but not e-commerce or search friendly.
Recent years have changed all that, as the Wix platform has been updated
and new tools and features make Wix sites as professional and
SEO-optimized as other sites. It was always a platform designed for
amateurs to get a great looking site online in minutes, and today Wix is
even better at this core business.

Wix is not recommended for people who are starting a large, complex,
data-driven online presence. As sites grow in complexity, they quickly
reach the limits of the Wix platform capabilities. And, unfortunately,
it is not easy to change your mind later on, and migrate an existing Wix
site to a different platform that allows for greater complexity and

Wix is an excellent option for people who want to set it and forget
it with their website, who need a site and online presence but don’t
want to spend a lot of time or money on a website. It’s great for
portfolios, blogs, and small businesses who want a great-looking website
in minutes, for an affordable price.


Website builder “all inclusive” – Wix, today is really popular, especially for those people who are looking for a DIY platform. This editor is constantly improving its functionality, so it is preferred by thousands of website developers around the world. 

This platform has a number of drawbacks that do not allow us to call Wix the best option for professional developers. But for regular users who don’t expect anything special from the website builder, Wix is great because it has a simple interface and functional design. 

Back in early 2006, it was this platform that first offered the world of programming the end-to-end creation of a website without coding skills, and this is an important point that allows us to argue that Wix has a great future.



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