Why Should You Trust Me? is the first release from Travis Bean. Travis Bean has been making electronic music for about a decade now, and his work with some of the most famous artists in the business is solidified by his recent hit “Why”. “Why” is one of the biggest hits of the year in a genre of music that continues to grow exponentially in popularity. It follows “Dream Too Long” with its upbeat and melodic riffs that are very accessible to any musical audience.

For those of you that don’t know who Travis Bean is, it’s pretty easy to understand what he is doing on Why Should You Trust Me. Travis is a producer of the highest caliber. His beats have all of the right elements that can get people into a head space that won’t leave them. He uses samples in very creative ways to make his music different, and they fit very well with the story that he’s trying to tell with his music. Travis is always doing new things and is able to keep up with what the world is telling him. He might make some very original sounds, but these styles will continue to make him an icon in the industry for years to come.

The EP of Why Should You Trust Me will definitely catch your attention. It’s one of the best releases of the year in any genre of music. It’s absolutely full of something that makes you want to keep listening to it. Travis Bean is one of the most talented producers in the industry today, and his music will stay fresh as time goes on. So please check out this release and support him!

Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR)
When you register a .CA, you enter into a Registrant Agreement and you will be required to select a CPR category to show your connection to Canada. Here’s a few of the commonly-chosen categories: