The Most Secure Email Providers

Email is a standard in today’s world. When it comes down to it, besides texting and corresponding, it’s how people communicate with each other. In terms of business, email is the No. 1 way to communicate, whether with clients, bosses, or colleagues. That said, not all email providers are secure.

When it comes to business, you need a secure email provider where you can rest assured that your data, information, and messages are only seen by those they are intended for. To stop hackers, info leaks, and people stealing your personal, business, and banking information, you need top-level email security, and that’s what we are here looking for today. Let’s talk about the most secure email providers.


In terms of security, one thing that won’t happen with ProtonMail is that somebody gets to the servers. The servers are located in Switzerland, and they are a full KM under solid rock, which can literally survive a nuclear blast. Physical security is huge with ProtonMail, but their software security and encryption are just as good, if not better. ProtonMail is rated as the most secure email provider on the planet and it currently has well over 5 million users.

The main principle of ProtonMail is zero access and zero knowledge. In other words, the people who work with these servers have no way of accessing your emails. If you know Swiss banks, you know that they value privacy, and this goes for email services too, as ProtonMail is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). Now, even if emails were somehow seized, the encryptions are so strong that they are nearly impossible to decipher.

Emails are encrypted before they are even sent to the ProtonMail servers, so no hackers can intercept and read emails before they get to the servers. Because of this encryption, it’s not the most user-friendly email provider around, but security is obviously top notch.


Another secure email provider is SCRYPTMail, which is a web-based email provider with some of the best security around. One of the best features that SCRYPTMail has is end-to-end encryption combined with a two-factor authentication.

There is also the fact that it is open source, and it has been audited by security professionals, and they approve. Something worth noting is that the servers for SCRYPTMail are located in the US.

What is really neat about SCRYPTMail is that you can use disposable email addresses to hide your real email address from people. In terms of security and transparency, SCRYPTMail is very hard to beat. Some people do not like it due to its US-based servers, but other than that, it’s one of the strongest competitors in the game.


With end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and an A+ SSL certificate, besides our No. 1 option on the list, Tutanota is often regarded as one of the most secure email providers on the planet. Tutanota is also open source and externally audited by security pros on a regular basis to ensure top-notch security. There is a reason why this particular email provider has well over 2 million users — it really is one of the securest options out there.

Something else which stands out about Tutanota is that it features DANE, or DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities, which means hackers cannot impersonate people or email addresses. If you happen to send an email to somebody who uses an unencrypted service like Gmail, the recipients have to use a password to access that email, just for an extra layer of security.


Posteo is yet another very secure email provider. Posteo only costs a dollar per month, or slightly more, and it offers 2 GB of secure email storage. It’s all completely anonymous and is well protected by two-factor authentication. The servers for Posteo are located in Germany, and both security and privacy are very highly valued here.

In terms of security, Posteo was actually the first service to introduce DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities to ensure that nobody could impersonate people or email addresses. Posteo does not collect user identities, and often fights for the rights of users to protect their identities. Posteo does not store any personal data, so even data that is subpoenaed is useless for any authority, and hackers are left just as unknowing.

Kolab Now

The other secure email provider we quickly want to go over today is known as Kolab Now. Kolab Now is a German security invention, but has quickly made its way around the world. Kolab Now is open source and routinely tested by security pros to ensure the utmost in security.

What is really impressive about this particular email provider is that all encryption keys are ephemeral, so if emails get stolen or leaked, they cannot be opened without the single disposable key used in that particular session.

What is also nice here is that there are both web-based versions of this, as well as specialized applications too. Kolab Now comes complete with email, calendar, contacts, and file storage, and is often seen as a much securer alternative to Office 365 and Gmail.

Honorable Mentions

The secure email providers we discussed are not the only secure email providers out there, as there are several others too. The honorable mentions include both Mailfence and


When all is said and done, the email providers we have listed here today are among the securest in the world. If you have sensitive content of any sort to be emailed, don’t use just any old email service, because you never know when your info will fall into the wrong hands.CategoriesSoftware



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