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by Jacky Chou, P.Eng

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Our Top 3 Web Hosts for Canadians
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100 GB Disk Space
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Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Domains
24/7 Customer Support
Unlimited Disk Space
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Like many modern individuals, my life is based greatly around the internet; it seems that these days we all use the internet more than we’d like to, but being a student of Computer Science, I plan on making my living on the web as well. However, this immersive perspective allows me to provide a unique perspective as far as informing you about Canada’s best web host options.

Web hosting in Canada, like many countries, is a booming industry. It honestly seems like every single day there are new hosting providers promising to help you rise in the rankings of the world of the Canadian web. For every site promising to be the best website hosting Canada has to offer, or to be revolutionizing Canadian web hosting, or to offer a free domain name or the best loading speeds or an irresistible quantity of disk space, there is reason to doubt that this hosting company offers as good of a deal as they seem. Because of the sheer quantity (and range of quality) among hosting provider options, I have decided to rank the web hosting services this country has to offer for your convenience. Now, I know there are a lot of web hosting reviews all over the net, but I think my perspective can help you find the best web hosting Canada has to offer.

Taking a Look at the Top Web Hosting Services in Canada

Before we go too far, let me give you a bit of a glimpse into what we’ll be looking for in a web hosting company. When analyzing the options among hosting plans, we’ll look at customer support and customer service, user experience, value as determined by cost per month, perks (such as whether they offer a free website), domain registration, cloud hosting, and more. For example, some web hosts will have a well-maintained dedicated server, others will prioritize their hosting service, some specialize in all that has to do with shared hosting, while other hosting companies don’t even offer a live chat. What you prefer will be subjective to a degree, but I’ll lay it all out for you as simply as possible, but do be aware that these are the best of the best, so if there seems to be an absence of complaints in these web hosting reviews, it is because they all offer exceptional services that are hard to find flaws with!

The Best Canadian Web Hosting Options

Web Hosting Canada (

One of the best websites to check out is, a premier Canadian option to help create the foundation for your online project. WHC is based out of Montreal but they are the chosen provider for companies and projects all over the country, providing to be Canada web host source of pride and stability.

For almost two decades, they have managed to earn the trust of companies and entrepreneurs all over, with fantastic customer service, extensive knowledge of all things web hosting, and quite an affordable cost.

Host Papa

Another uniquely Canadian hosting company, Host Papa stands out among hosting providers for all sorts of positive reasons. Host Papa makes it easy to customize your site in a way that is easy to use and relatively smooth on all fronts. Not only do they have a great customer service team, but they offer a comprehensive selection of FAQ-related videos to help you work through the process of creating your site.

Canadian Web Hosting

Another classic Canadian option, CWH has managed to perfect their methods regarding web hosting services and diversify their array of options, as well. The CWH servers are great for companies of any size, offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly process. Whether you are way out west in Vancouver or in Eastern Canada’s hub of Toronto, CWH has public servers and other services located near you. Furthermore, their developments and diversification into all that is offered with personal cloud-related services has distinguished Canadian Web Hosting as one of this country’s hosting companies worth paying attention to. If you want to optimize your service, choose the SSD Cloud Hosting Servers which improve loading times for a relatively affordable cost.

Depending on which of the hosting plans you choose, the price is definitely manageable for whatever size of project you have.

Options Available in Canada but Based in USA

There is no real reason to restrict your search to solely Canadian companies (other than patriotism, of course). The truth is, some of the American web hosts who also offer their services in this country may be a better hosting provider for you and your needs than one of Canada’s best options.

Green Geeks

This Californian company is certainly worth mentioning, as their services are affordable and distinctly environmentally friendly. Along with their eco-friendliness, Green Geeks offers sites that are super fast and admirably scalable, marketing themselves as not only a responsible web hosting platform but also an impressive one in terms of user experience and the nuances of web hosting. It’s been over 10 years and they continue to modernize and grow, with nearly 40,000 customers and hundreds of thousands of websites to their name… One of their environmentally friendly initiatives is to use and develop wind energy technology, which is not only responsible but also quite interesting and dynamic.


Another web hosting company from abroad, Hostinger’s genesis was in Lithuania almost two decades ago. Hostinger has had over a million users since 2010 and today operates in 178 countries with almost 30 million users. You can’t argue with results, and the data suggests that Hostinger is popular for a reason, and that this popularity is not going anywhere anytime soon. Hostinger allows you to create a free domain and does not limit the PHP, MySWL, CPanel on your website, nor does it impose ads. Hosting offers Shared Web hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Minecraft hosting, Windows VPS, and a domain checker, as well as several other service options which not all of the other best web hosting options manage to provide.


How much does it cost to host a site?

Hosting a site in a Canadian web host starts at only 2 CAD a month, and it goes up to as much as 30 CAD a month.

What is the best host for a website? is our top Canadian web host due to it’s 24/7 support as well as fast loading speeds.

What is the best web hosting site for small business?

Our favourite Canadian web hosting service is – a proudly Canadian-owned company with servers in both the west and east coast.